ConsoleOne or eDirectory - Which First?



A Forum reader asked this question:

"ConsoleOne connects to eDirectory through port 524. So, which is advisable to install first - ConsoleOne or eDirectory?"

And here's the answer from Novell's Aaron Burgemeister ...


I would install eDirectory first because, if it's the same box, you'll get the Server version of NICI instead of the workstation version. ConsoleOne can use the server version, but eDir can't use the workstation version.

For ConsoleOne on Linux, put in the entire user DN (not fully-qualified) in the username field. Fill in the password. Put in the IP address with an optional colon and port number if you have eDirectory on a port besides 524.


That should work. If you're on another box, be sure you have the firewall allowing 524 (and other ports eventually) to be connected to. If you are connecting and putting 'localhost' in the IP address/treename field, it probably won't work. That resolves to, and eDirectory does not usually bind to that, or at least eDirectory 8.8 doesn't. (It looks like 8.7.x does, according to one of my boxes that was installed as OES SP1).


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