Tool for Upgrading or Patching eDirectory 8.8 Non-Root Build


Products: Novell eDirectory 8.8SPx

This tool is helpful for customers who have been using Novell eDirectory 8.8SPx Tarball build as root or nonroot user on a Unix platform for upgrading or patching earlier versions of eDirectory 8.8SPx Tarball.

Currently, for upgrading or patching eDirectory 8.8 SPx Tarball lots of manual efforts are involved. Such as the customer has to stop all the running instances before applying the patch. In case of Full tarball build after the patch is applied, upgrade the DIB for all the instances. Similarly, in case of FTF tarball build after the patch applied the customer has to start all the instances.

The, a UNIX shell script which gives a look and feel of general Novell eDirectory installation which is fully automated for upgrading or patching any existing eDirectory tarball build installation to the latest version of eDirectory without any manual intervention. This utility enables the users for upgrading or patching the earlier version of eDirectory 8.8SPx on UNIX platform through an easy to use script.

* Read the automated_eDir_tarball_patch document for installation instructions.




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