iPrint-like Printer Maps for NDPS Environments

We're been using this for almost two years. Printer map allows to customize most printer settings during install.

12/22/update: corrects the -remove/-uninstall command line
options, support for Windows 2003 and the readme.

Printer Map Client provides an internet protocol handler (prnt:) to install printers on Windows 2000/XP/2003 clients from an HTML page similar to Novells iPrint maps.

The Printer Map Client provides an additional installation procedure only,
it does not contain any printing functionality by itself. IE 5 or higher,
VB Scripting and all necessary print processors (Novell Client, MS Client
etc.) must already be installed.

There are several ways to install the Printer Map Client to a workstation:

  • Interactively: double click prntclnt.vbs and confirm
    un-/installation. This copies/removes prntclnt.vbs to/from the
    lokal machine's Windows folder and sets/removes the necessary
    registry keys in HKCR\prnt.

  • Unattended: prntclnt -install/-uninstall. Same as above, just without any confirmation message.
  • Via ZENworks: import included prntclnt.axt

Client syntax:

prntclnt [-install | -uninstall | -export=on|off | <url>]

HTML <url> syntax:

prnt://<tree or server>/<printer object or share>?type=[ndps|nw|ms|
ipp]&cfg=[<config path>|default]

Valid URLs would be:



Please note that the "?cfg=" part of the URL points to a shared FOLDER not a config file. Config files will be named an created automatically when exporting printer settings (see below). It's a good idea to place the config
share on the server that runs the print manager or share of the corresponding printer. NetWares SPOOL volume obviously would be a good place. If you specify a path that does not contain a config file the driver's default settings will be used instead.

Set HKEY_CURRENT_USER\prnt\DisplayExportDialog=1 to edit and export a printer's settings to the config path specified in <url>. Note that the URL must specify a config folder, when you use this setting, otherwise no
export will take place. You can use the " -export=on|off" command option to set the export registry key if you dont want to mess around with regedit.

Please Note:

Only NDPS and MS printers on Windows 2000/XP clients have actually been tested. Netware queues, IPP printers and Windows 2003 clients *should* also work, but...

The Printer Map Client's mother tongue is German, to localize messages you'll need to translate the text variables in Function Message() and Sub WriteEvent() (lines 104-126 and 148-157).


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