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A Forum reader recently asked:

"Is there any software that will document the eDirectory/LDAP schema? I want to document how many class there are in my LDAP, what are the attributes attached to each class, their types, etc."

And here's the response from eDirectory expert Jim Henderson ...


Use this ICE command:

ICE -S LDAP -s -p 636 -d cn=youradmin,o=yourorg
-w yourpassword -b cn=schema -c base -D LDIF -f schema.ldif

This will give you an LDIF file with all the schema information.


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  • Once an attribute is defined, changing the schema, while possible, is ill advised. You would require to backup all values, delete the attribute from schema, then add it back, and restore all the values. If it is part of eDir's shipping 'base' schema then it is very tricky to change. It is actually possible but again very ill advised. (Mostly because certain repair tools will 'fix' it back in certain cases without telling you, since it is clearly broken after your change).
  • Hello, 

    I am looking for a way to extend existing field in eDirectory. I have an attribute that is 8 char in length, requirement is to extend it to 15 chars.

    Please help me with any documentation.



  • Hi,

    Is there a quick way to modify that schema ldif for OpenLDAP?

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