Linking eDir Drivers in Designer



A Forum reader recently asked:

"If I make a new project, drag two ID vaults on to it, and drag an eDir to eDir driver in to connect them, the vaults are shown as connected by this driver. But if I make a new project, and import two ID vaults in to it that are connected by eDir drivers, they don't show their connection to each other.

Is there a way to get Designer to link the eDir driver in Vault 1 to the
corresponding eDir driver in Vault 2?"

And here are a few responses ...


(Lothar Haeger)

Connect both edir icons with a line in Developer View, and they'll be converted into one edir2edir icon. It took me a while to figure that one out.

(Marvin Dean)

You can also do an edir to edir import.

When importing a driverset, if you highlight the edir driver on the import summary page then click the "eDir2eDir" button, it will allow you to import the other side of the edir driver as well. When done this way, they will come in connected.


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