LDAP Console

LDAP Console


Graphical and text mode LDAP Console to connect, search, view, modify objects, create scripts (BeanShell), with auto-completion, variables, aliases and possibility to add new commands using Java or BeanShell scripts.


You can easily do searches, view object details using LDIF format (attribute: value), modify attributes with very simple commands.

Try to connect to a LDAP server and search for objects:

  • connect localhost cn=admin,ou=users,o=system mypassword

  • help search

  • search objectClass=user

The command "help" will list all you can do with the tool, grouped by categories (CORE, LDAP, UTILS, others...). It's easy to create new commands/categories by implementing a Java interface, putting the class in a jar file, and the jar file in the commands folder. All commands are dynamically loaded in the console.

New commands can also be created using BeanShell. For instance, the following will add a file directory list from the console:

  • alias fdir=bsh dir()


You can also monitor events that occur in eDirectory by settings "monitor" with a name and a LDAP filter. This could be very useful in IDM projects to monitor all the events generated by connectors for instance.

The whole console can use and be scripted using BeanShell scripts, so there is no limit to extend it.

Have fun!



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