Directory Cloner


The directory cloner copies objects (container, user, group etc. free choice of objects types) from a source directory into a a target directory. This function is very useful to copy objects from a productive environment into a stagin, test or development environment. The directory cloner uses a multi pass copy process, so it is able to copy also attributes like group memberships, dirxml-associations, nrfAssignedRoles etc.

The directory cloner allows the definition of mandatory attributes per class that have to be valued. Otherwise these objects won’t be copied. In addition you can exclude attributes per class from the copy process.

A regex expression editor allows the free definition of regex expressions how attribute values may have to be transformed between the source and the target tree. Specific attributes can be excluded from being processed by the regex expression and will be copied untouched an a binary base. You can save your cloning definition to reuse it at any time you have to repeat the copy job.

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You can download the IDM toolbox from our web site.

The directory cloner is part of our IDM Toolbox. The IDM Toolbox delivers a powerful set of functions for consultants, project manager and system administrators. The different modules within the toolbox help you to fulfill following tasks:

    1. interactive design (drivers, forms, mails)


    1. analyzing of driver trace files


    1. mass data migration & object modification


    1. generate documentation (driver, workflow, DAL, schema)


    1. translation (workflow)


    1. generate acceptance documents (project, driver, workflow)


    1. collaboration between consultants, project managers und developers (versioning, data exchange)



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