Auto Tree Name Generation for Unattended Installation of Windows eDirectory 8.8 SP6


Unattended eDirectory 8.8 SP6 installation provides an option to auto generate the tree name if the tree name already exists in the environment.

The Tree name has to be provided in the response file ( for installation of eDirectory in the variable 'Tree Name'.

Auto tree generation of the tree can be enabled by setting the 'autotree' variable to 'true' (by default it will be false). If the tree name provided in the 'Tree Name' variable already exists and 'autotree' is set to 'true' then it will create the tree name post-fixed with _1 or _2 or _3 etc., until it obtains the unique tree name in the environment. The count goes from 1 to 100.

Pre-requisite to support auto tree name generation is SLP should be configured.

For ex:

Tree Name=Novell

If the Novell tree name exists then it will create Novell_1 and if this exists it will create Novell_2 and so on.



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