MassUser (HomesPlus)


The program has three major functions:

Home Directories

You can use the program to create new home directories, or use the program for re-creation of the HOME DIRECTORY attribute in the NDS after a migration and so on. The program has a few different user selection options, e.g.: Context, Group or LDIF file and more. You can select if you want to create the NDS home attribute or the HOME DIRECTORY itself (or both), and you can set the directory attributes, trustee rights, volume-space restrictions or directory quotas or ownership for all files in a HOME DIRECTORY (especially useful after a migration).

Other features of the program:

  • The program can also mass remove home directories.

  • CVS import.

  • Set/Clear Default server of a user.

  • Alias support in context search.

  • Conditionally set the UserSpace/directory quota's.


You can create/update/modify/export and lots of other options on users.

Extra Directory

User based directories that are not a homedirectory but based upon some other attribute or just the name. Almost anything that can be done with a homedirectory can be done with an extra directory.

New version MassUser 3.06.07

Issues fixed:

  • Copy default directory structure and the rights

  • Directory quota rountine for extra directory

  • Copy attributes now during Homedirectory

  • Prevent accedently creating "links" (Junctions) during copy/create of homedirectory

  • Groupwise Distribution list updates also updates groupwise database

  • Fixed CFL/CSV option userfl=2

New features:

  • Default directory structure for extra directory

  • Single user selection for update and create!

  • Extra defstruct program added

  • readback "trustees" from homedirectory and update homedir attr in edir.

  • rename homedirectory option

  • Support for NET_ADDRESS attribute types in templates

  • CFL/CSV option userfl=2 extended with search on other then "CN" attribute.

  • Auxiliary classes add from a cfl/csv-file

  • "Super" filter for system user that should never be updated

  • file-trustee assignment for non homedirectory location.


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