Backing Up Third-Party Rules



A Forum reader recently asked:

"I haven't figured a way around yet is backing up the rules. For the regular NDS rules, I've been creating (copying Craig Johnson's example), a new OU and pasting all my rules into that for backup. For this, the LW-specific rules don't paste in, apparently because the Third Party radio button on the access rules page is greyed out and if it doesn't see a third party solution, it just ignores those rules when I paste them all in."

And here's the response from GroupWise expert Danita Zanre ...


You can only copy 3rd-party rules to a server object.

However, you can use clipboard viewer to save the contents of the clipboard to a .clp file, and restore that at any time.

This is described in detail in my BorderManager 3.x book (see, and there is a TID (10066764) on it as well. Just copy the rules to the clipboard in NWADMN32, and then launch CLIPBRD and save contents to a file.



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