Working with eDirectory Containers and Active Directory



A Forum reader recently asked:

"I have users in eDirectory and AD with the same user ID or logon names, but I have inherited a system where all users in eDirectory are in the same context (I intend to change this at a later point). The users on the AD have been put into contexts; all users already exist on eDirectory and AD but in different contexts.

Is it possible to have selective users syncing from a large context to a different context on AD?"

And here's the response from David Gersic ...


The "dirty little secret" of Active Directory is that it doesn't actually have containers, at least not in the sense that eDirectory does. MAD has a flat name space for objects, in the sAMAccountName ("Pre-Windows 2000 Name") attribute.

If you use that in your matching rule, with your eDirectory CN, your users that have the same name will be matched up and synchronized.


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