Running Multiple eDirectory Trees on SUSE 9



A Forum reader asked the following question:

"I have 3 instances of eDirectory 8.8 trees running on SUSE 9 SP2. When the server boots, only the first instance tree is started. I have to use NDSManage to manually start the other two.

Does anyone know what you have to do to get them to start at boot time?"

And here's the response from Justin Grote ...


My guess is that the init script only starts the first one, so you could simply go into the init script, add the NDSManage lines, and start the other instances.

There's actually a file called /etc/init.d/post_ndsd_start that runs any commands in it after NDSD (NDS Daemon, aka eDirectory) starts. You'll notice there's a line already there for nldap, which is the LDAP component.

Just open this file in your favorite text editor (I prefer nano for the commandline, and kate for graphical), and add the ndsmanage commands to the end of the file. Save it, and whenever NDSD starts, it will run your ndsmanage commands to start the other instances.


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