Configure Password for eDirectory Users


Target Platform: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003



ConfigurePassword application allows you to change or reset the password for large number of users in eDirectory with just one click. It changes password for all users except admin user under specified container. Though this tool has been written and tested for eDirectory, it may work with other LDAP compliant directory servers.

To change password for the users, you must be logged in as admin or user who have admin rights on the eDirectory. While specifying the new password, make sure it meets password constraints set on that particular eDirectory. Also you can't change the password for some users who do not have permission to change their password.

How to Use

  • Launch this tool on your system. You will see the dialog window as shown in the above figure.

  • Enter the server connection and authentication information.

  • Next specify the container whose user's password you want to modify.

  • After that enter the password and confirm the same again.

  • Now click on "Change Password" button to change the password for all users except admin user under specified container.
  • During the password change operation, you will see the current status being displayed at the status bar.


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