MetaHub consultants work with several complex Identity Management Customers and have found tracking down user authentication related issues troublesome.

In environments where LDAP applications use different load balanced and cached tiers as well as multiple LDAP authentication sources troubleshooting password sync and password settings can become hazardous to ones health.

LogiTester was designed by MetaHub to address this issue, its a simple JSP application that allows one to configure multiple LDAP trees and send compare or authentication requests to all LDAP sources simultaneously.

The results for a compare or an authentication come back in a simple table structure to display what state a user is in across each of the trees giving simple traffic light statuses for authentication attempts and actual field values for the compare operation. The tool has been tested against eDirectory, Active Directory and Tivoli DS but it should cater for more trees.

Any problems drop us a line or feel free to send us some pointers. developers@metahub.com.au

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