Simple Password Self-Service


The current version (for iManager 2.0 - 2.7) of the tool can be downloaded at:


download url:

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This iManager module serves as a simple interface for user password self service.
It creates a new iManager task and role that allows users to change their own password.

The NPM installation follows the regular iManager NPM installation procedure:

    • start iManager with admin rights, select "Configure"


    • select "Module Installation" / "Available Novell Plug-in Modules"


    • click on "New" and browse to your *.npm


    • when copied, mark the modules and click "Install"


    • restart Tomcat


    • select "Role Based Services" / "RBS Configuration"


    • choose a target collection (row) and click on the number in the column "Not Installed"


  • choose the "Simple Password Self Service" module and click on the word "Install"


This module has been developed tested on iManager 2.5, but it should run unchanged on iManager 2.0.x


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