DSTApp v1.3.2

download url: http://www.simonsware.com/Downloads/dstapp.zip
home page url: http://www.simonsware.com

DSTApp is a powerful tool for reading your DSTrace files. There are two components to DSTApp, DSTAgent and DSTClient.

DSTAgent - Load DSTAgent on your servers where your dstrace files reside. DSTAgent does the work on the server. It performs all log parsing activities and sends the results back to the workstation.

DSTClient - Load the DSTClient on your workstations. DSTClient talks to the DSTAgents to query your dstrace files. It can query and display Failed authentications, Locked Accounts, Successful authentications, and Searches with their results. Once you have queried the log files, you can further filter the results if you are looking for a specific user or IP Address. It will display the information in a table format that you can save to a CSV file for opening in Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc for further manipulation.

$39.00 US


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