OpenSSL Toolkit


This is an OpenSSL certificate toolkit utility leveraging OpenSSL's CLI for Linux. This is a simple wrapper utility for OpenSSL CLI to help automate certificate tasks.

Download or see below for one-liner download, extract, launch:

echo | xargs wget -qO- -O && unzip && rm && ./

Please report any issues or enhancement requests to OpenSSL-Toolkit on GitHub.

See below for a list of supported features:

    1. Create certificates:

        • Self-Signed SSL Certificate (key, csr, crt)

        • Private Key & Certificate Signing Request (key, csr)

        • PEM with key and entire trust chain


    1. Convert certificates:

        • PEM -> DER

        • PEM -> P7B

        • PEM -> PFX

        • DER -> PEM

        • P7B -> PEM

        • P7B -> PFX

        • PFX -> PEM


    1. Verify certificates:

        • CSR is a public key from the private key

        • Signed certificate is the public key from the private key

        • Chain file applies to the signed certificate (complete ssl chain)

        • Check date validity of certificates


    1. Test ssl server:

        • SSL Certificate handshake

        • SSL Server date validity

        • Permitted Protocols


    1. Output certificate information:

        • Output the details from a certifticate sign request

        • Output the details from a signed certificate



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