Cross-platform (Java) Universal Password Retrieval Utility



You need to back up the Universal Password for all users before a major upgrade.


I created a cross platform (Java) Universal Password retrieval utility. You can download the zip file here.

In the zip file, dumpUP.bat is the batch file to kick off the process. You need to pass the application a few parameters:

  • Host

  • Port

  • Admin username

  • Password

  • Search base

  • Path to Java KeyStore

  • Output file

My current command line is as follows: 636 cn=admin,o=admin password o=meta "C:\\Program Files\\Java\\jre1.5.0_07\\lib\\security\\cacerts" 

Run the batch file and watch all users and passwords end up in the output file.


  • Java 1.4.2

  • Ensure your machine has the NMAS Client 3.0 or above - no Novell client is required!


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  • Hi there,

    It appears that eDirectory 8.8 cannot deal with asynchronous LDAP search, so when I run your tool, it stops after 1000 records. Are there any command line parameters I could use to disable this asynchronous search and use the synchronous instead? I have a directory with 150,000 objects. Thanks.