Email Photos of Users in eDirectory via IDM

The attached XML is an email action you can paste in to an IDM rule that will retrieve the photo (or any other base64 encoded attribute from eDirectory) and attach it to an email. In this example, we send an email out when someone is terminated with an inline image of that person. (See attachments for a screen shot of a sample.)

Some notes about using this XML...

  • The email type is TEXT which is on purpose even though it's actually an HTML email.

  • The token text containing the myboundary statements contain carriage returns which must be preserved for this email to work.

  • Use Designer to work with this rule (you'll need to paste it in to the XML source tab). If you use iManager, the carriage returns mentioned above most likely will get stripped.

  • This email depends on the custom-smtp-header which is available starting in IDM 3.5.x

  • This rule has been tested and formatting looks good in an Exchange 2003/2007 with Outlook 2003/2007 or Blackberry.




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