Base64 Encode/Decode


Easily decode Base64 encoded data while viewing an LDIF file.

Use the "Scan Clipboard" option which will also keep this utility as the top-most application.

Select Base64 data in the LDIF file and copy it.

This utility will detect it and decode on the fly; if it makes a mistake and does not recognise it as Base64, copy it again and then it will be added to the encoded area.

Also supports the command line, to see the command line syntax use:

Base64Tool.exe --h

Command-line Syntax:

--s = source file

--d = destination file

--t = task [e = encode | d=decode] (Currently only automated decode is available)

Utility is provided as-is, Novell makes no claims as to accuracy, will not fix defects or add enhancements.


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