Script to Check eDirectory 8.8 Health on Linux


I've been using my eDirectory health check script for a while and from time to time I got the benefits of it.

For example, when a replica fails/abends/shuts down, this script warns me about it via email,
when other monitoring solutions fail to do so.

This script is for two separate eDirectory instances running on same server to enhance the example, but if you have only one instance, you can remove the second part, change it and use it.

I added this to crontab and it runs every morning at 5:35 AM.

I'm not a scripting expert, but it does the job so I've decided to publish it.

At least it might give people some ideas, I hope.

Change it to fit into your configuration and use it at your own risk.

Actually, I don't think there is one because running ndsrepair -T or ndsrepair -C or ndsrepair -E is for reporting purposes only, but, in case it might not work and/or you blame me for not having a notification about your failed server vice versa, I feel like I must say use it at your own risk so I do it.


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