DSRAZOR for eDirectory/NDS and NetWare

DSRAZOR for eDirectory/NDS and NetWare provides you with unsurpassed abilities to effectively secure, delegate, administer and audit eDirectory/NDS and NetWare File Systems.

DSRAZOR’s patented Designer interface provides a drag-and-drop development environment for creating eDirectory/NDS and NetWare management and security reporting applets. You can also customize any of the 140 applets already built into the product to generate the exact management and reporting applet you require.

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The major components of DSRAZOR for eDirectory/NDS and NetWare include:

  • User Account Maintenance

  • Assessing eDirectory/NDS Security

  • Querying and Searching eDirectory/NDS

  • Delegating Helpdesk Duties

  • Server/Disk Inventory

  • ZENworks Maintenance

Below is a review of these components in greater detail.

User Account Maintenance

One of DSRAZOR's most useful functions is its ability to focus your user account management duties in a precise task-oriented manner. DSRAZOR's Console includes many ready-to-run applets that solve everyday user account management headaches. For instance:

  • Create/import eDirectory/NDS and GroupWise accounts

  • Delete eDirectory/NDS accounts, home directories and GroupWise accounts

  • Add, create and delete group membership

  • Manage home directories

  • Allow users to self-update eDirectory/NDS values

  • Find and remove duplicate or unused eDirectory/NDS accounts

  • And much more

Assessing eDirectory/NDS Security

DSRAZOR gives you the ability to comprehensively audit and assess the security of your vital eDirectory/NDS data. When you audit your eDirectory/NDS with DSRAZOR you can filter on almost any eDirectory/NDS attribute or combination of attributes.

  • Document security equivalences

  • Document effective file system rights

  • Document access to sensitive file system directories

  • Document account security details

  • Find accounts that are expired, disabled or locked

  • Find accounts with password problems

  • Document password setting strengths

  • And much more

Querying and Searching eDirectory/NDS

DSRAZOR enables you to quickly and easily query and search your eDirectory/NDS environment and generate different security and management reports.

  • Document file trustee assignments

  • Document group membership

  • Document GroupWise distribution list membership

  • Document trustees by directory

  • Find accounts with expiring passwords

  • Find home directories with no trustees

  • Report on NDS partition status

  • And much more

Delegating Helpdesk Duties

When you use DSRAZOR you receive the power to delegate helpdesk duties. Using DSRAZOR's Zero Privilege Helpdesk NLM Technology, the helpdesk operators that use your DSRAZOR applets do not require change privileges to your eDirectory/NDS and NetWare File Systems.

  • Reset intruder lockout

  • Change passwords

  • Import and assign random passwords

  • Assign grace logins

  • Disable accounts

  • Create/import users with a template

  • Manage group membership

  • Modify user disk space restrictions

  • And much more

Server/Disk Inventory

DSRAZOR provides you with an easy-to-use comprehensive tool for maintaining and examining your servers, volumes, files, disk space, and connections.

  • Report on and manage disk space and directory space restrictions

  • Document disk space in use and files owned/unowned

  • View enterprise file server status

  • Report on enterprise volume space

  • Find unused files, files ending with any extension and files of a certain size

  • View file details per directory

  • Report on purgeable space

  • And much more

ZENworks Maintenance

DSRAZOR is a complete administration tool for eDirectory/NDS and NetWare File Systems. Included in DSRAZOR is the ability to manage and maintain your ZENworks installation.

  • Remote control/view your workstations

  • Document your NAL objects and associations

  • Document your ZEN imported workstations

  • Find NAL objects with no associations

  • Compare NAL object inheritance for eDirectory accounts

  • Add/Delete ZEN (NAL) applications from users

  • Replicate ZEN policies and NAL objects

  • Delegate Remote control/view your workstations

  • And much more

For more information on DSRAZOR, visit http://www.visualclick.com/content/dsrazornw.htm
To request your FREE 7-day evaluation, visit http://www.visualclick.com/content/dsrazorevalrequest.htm

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