Technical Insight Series: Disaster Recovery for eDirectory, Presentation and Recording now available!


We are pleased to announce Micro Focus’ Technical Insight Series. These educational events will be held every Wednesday, beginning October 6, 2021. Come to learn the latest best practices and Micro Focus technology trends that can help you maximize your IT investments. You’ll connect and collaborate with Micro Focus experts and our broad base of customers who share your objectives.

Speaker: Vasudeva Sarma


Any software service needs to support disaster recovery. eDirectory hosts crucial data and services which form the backbone of an organization’s IT infrastructure. eDirectory provides multiple avenues in support of disaster recovery and business continuity. It is not just about backup and restore. It is not just about running docker containers. It is a lot more than a few methods to recover the data and the services. Want to know more? Sign up for the session and we will travel through it and have a safe landing.

Access presentation and recording here


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