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The Cisco Call Manager does not interoperate especially well with eDirectory, although there are ways and means. Another option would be Afuhrman's SOAP Driver which looks to be a very useful approach to fully integrating the directories. In our case though the Call Manager implementation is outsourced, and we needed a read only solution that left Call Manager untouched . Although Call manager does have an LDAP interface it will not interface with an Identity Manager driver, so we had to come up with an alternative approach.

Cmexport.php is a php script written to be run as a Console application on a Netware Server. It would normally be run from cron at an appropriate interval, probably daily or weekly. It should be capable of running on Linux or Windows platforms with php support, but this hasn't been tested. The script exports the whole Call Manager directory as a delimited text file containing the cn, givenname, sn (surname) and telephone number attributes. The script can readily be modified to export other attributes available in the Call Manager Directory.

The resulting .csv file can then be handled by an Identity Manager delimited text driver to
populate the ID Vault with the data. You will need to change the $outPutPath variable in the script to match the path where the Identity Manager driver is looking for incoming csv files.

To run the script from Cron you need an entry in crontab on the following lines. This one assumes that the script has been saved to sys:phpscripts on a Netware platform and will be run at 20:00.

20 0 * * * load php -d noscreen=1 sys:/phpscripts/cmexport.php



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