eDirectory Radiazer for Managing eDirectory Users and Radius Profiles

The eDirectory Radiazer is a simple command-line tool written in C#.NET (2.0) that allows an administrator to manage radius attributes for all the users in an eDirectory group or all users associated with a specific profile. It allows for easy association, updating, and removal of radius attributes based on a standard radius profile. It also includes testing, logging, and basic diagnostic capabilities.

I developed this program to solve an internal problem -- we were beginning to roll out 802.1X authentication for entire sites, and needed a simple way to make sure that all users received the latest version of our radius profile. The code is conservative -- it will exit with a descriptive error at the first sign of trouble. However, it is designed for mass deployments.

The tool does have one major limitation -- it uses the .NET DirectoryEntry object, and so only supports standard LDAP connections (i.e. you would run this on a server close to your LDAP server). In the future I will switch to using Novell's LDAP libraries for C# to route around this issue.

Please let me know if you find this utility useful. Detailed instructions can be found in the readme.txt or the source code (included with the binary).


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