eDirectory Radiazer 2 for GUI Management of Radius Users and Profiles


(Update, March 2018: The zip file containing the source and executable got dropped during one of the Cool Solutions migrations. I’ve put it back at the top of this page.)

The eDirectory Radiazer 2 is a simple, cross-platform GUI application to copy the attributes of an eDirectory radius profile to a group of users.

The original eDirectory Radiazer was a command-line utility with many features. The Radiazer 2 takes a different approach -- it has fewer features, but sports an easy GUI interface. Radiazer 2 also has an improved architecture -- it is confirmed to be cross-platform (Windows, Mac, and Linux via Mono) and uses the Novell LDAP Libraries for C# instead of the problematic Microsoft Directory Service framework.

Comprehensive instructions, executables for all platforms, and the source code are all included in the zip file above.

The original Radiazer program can still be found at:

Let me know if you find the Radizer 2 useful!


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