LDAP Password Expiry Notification Application for MAC OSX


A MAC application bundle to run a query against the LDAP server of the currently logged in user to determine how long until the user's password expires. This tool will check for when an OS X user's password will expire, and display it to the user. Provide an easy way for a Mac user to see how many days they have left until their password will expire.

There are 2 versions of this application, one to run silently as a login item and one designed to be user initiated.

This is an update to cooltools 14412 and 17053 by Randall R. Saeks.

The main functional differences from Randall's original scripts are that it now compensates for the local time zone offset because the eDirectory passwordExirationTime attribute is in UTC. Errors on the ldap search are now handled so that a) it can run silently as a login item "LoginPWCheck.app.zip" or b) Request user input when run as a user-initiated application "Password Status.app.zip".

They have been made into an application bundle in order to define a custom icon and so the configuration of the localized variables is done outside of the script itself.

This is an update to cooltools LDAP expired password notification and Password Query for OS X by Randall R. Saeks.

Configuration changes should be made by editing the Localization.strings file
in the resources directory of the application bundle.

Use the Localization.strings file to define:

  • The DNS name or IP address of your LDAP server

  • The base container for the LDAP search

  • The URL for users to reset their password

  • The URL for help desk information

  • Number of days before password expiry to warn users

  • Is local time zone ahead of ( ) or behind (-) GMT? (default is "ahead")

  • The name of your organization or directory for use in display dialogs


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