3.7 OSP Installer keystore page lock up


I've seen two separate instances where during the install of OSP that comes with 3.7 while using the GUI installer with a RHEL 8.5 server, during the install when you enter the keystore password the second time, the textbox controls on the installer are not selectable.   You can't use previous/next or vice versa.  You can't use tab, you can't right click - there is seemingly no facility to edit or enter the keystore password.   

I've also successfully made it past this page, I'm not sure why or when exactly it happens.   Any thoughts?


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    Hi Jim,

    It's quite an old issue now, so you may not need an answer anymore, especially that you got past it. I have not tried to install IG on RHEL 8.5 specifically and I haven't seen any reports on this. It's hard to say as at that point the installer doesn't really do anything until you press the Next or Previous button. Would you remember if passwords contained any special characters or were very long?

    One possible workaround to this could be to run the installer in the console/text mode:

    ./osp-install-linux.bin -i console 

    Thank you,


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    The passwords were 6 characters all lowercase alphanumerics, very simple.   What I have found is that I change focus in the GUI to another app, then switch back to the installer, then it  "reactivates" the next/previous and text box.  Its as if sometimes it hits a mode where it doesn't realize that window is the focus.   This works okay when I have a VM with GUI where I'm running the interface.  What I've not been solve is if you are running a server with no UI, and redirect x-windows to a local x-server.  There seems to be no way to unfocus and focus there.    


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    1) When you are redirecting the X, are you using a tool like Putty or MobaXterm? Or "direct" (Linux to Linux or Linux to Mac)?

    We have had some reports of issues with some Tools when redirecting. However, the reports have not been consistent.

    2) Is there a reason why you are not utilizing either a Console or Silent install?

    Steven Williams
    Principal Enterprise Architect
    Micro Focus

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    It has always been with Moba or Putty.

    I prefer the GUI installer, it involves less typing, and generally the clients are horrified by the console installer.   I've been burned by the silent install in the past with some undocumented parameters, so when a client asks for help to install we usually show them the GUI version by default.   

    Its easier to see context of some of the parameters with the GUI installer rather than the 20 questions of the console.  If I had infinite resources, I'd make a gui tool to help edit and generate silent install files.  Some of our recent hires have faith in the silent install, so maybe my old curmudgeon ways will change.