where are the user preferences stored


we had to change in the IDGov 3.7 review definitions the attributes shown to the reviewers but noticed that not all users saw them afterwards.

Took a little bit but then we noticed that users that might have adopted their list of attributes still use their customized attribute set and not the one in the review definition.

There is an option in the right upper corner where the user can clear it's own preferences.

After doing that the attributes from the review definition were listed.

It looks like that user preferences are not store in a cookie.

Where are they located that maybe we can reset them for all users at once.


  • Greetings,
        They are stored in the end user's browser cookie. If the end user had utilized a Private Browser or used a different browser, or a different machine (before pressing clear preferences), they would have seen the attribute listing changes that were done in the Review Definition. The end users will either need to delete their cookies in their browser or press the clear preferences in the product.

    Steven Williams
    Principal Enterprise Architect
    Micro Focus