IDM Entitlement Fulfiller


I see this as a fulfiller, but when I try to do a simple configuration of one to see how it works, I get stopped at mapping parameters into the userProfile, but don't have any idea as to which parameters, their names, format, etc are required.  Is there any additional documentation on how this particular fulfiller works?


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    This page has a small section on IDM Entitlement:

    I think this is an evolution of an idea from a couple years ago where the eDir fulfiller was used to create entitlements on user objects in edir, and then in turn existing drivers could provision those entitlements.  I suspect this fulfiller is meant to do that with a little less work on the integrator's part, but it (the fulfillment config) also needs to be flexible to pass through any info the driver needs to complete the entitlement provisioning.  In other words, you'd need enough info to create the entitlement correctly, and then its up to the driver to handle the rest.