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IG fulfillment thru REST API with Pre-emptive Basic Authentication

Hi All,

From IG fulfillment, trying to call the REST API with Pre-emptive Basic Authentication. Here is the sample REST API with pre-emptive authentication,

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: Basic YWRtaW461234dARAWTIzNA==' \
--data-raw '
{"flowUuid": "0a5f5883-9b2f-4324-ab7b-356bcb2c59b1",
"inputs": {

When trying to call this REST API thru Postman/SOAP UI and even run the following in Linux OS, and able to receive the response. But when running this in IG fulfillment REST API call, receiving this error: " [com.netiq.iac.persistence.dcs.prov.worker.AutoProvisioningWorkerThread] [IG-DTP] Unexpected error while provisioning changeItem id: 96. Reason: HTTP error, status code is 400.

  • Hi fteo1,

    The REST fulfillment call should include 'Authorization: Basic <base64 encoded username:pass>' header in its request. I can see it in the network traces when testing that template with Basic Auth method. It is possible that there's something else in the request that the server doesn't like. You may try increasing logging for the com.netiq.daas package to see if it gives you more details on what it tries to pass in the body of that call.



  • Verified Answer

    Hi  ,

    This issue was resolved by removing the "/" from the end of "service base url" in IG.