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Coverage maps relationships

Hi everyone! i need some help about coverage maps im newbie using it and i want to find the manager of a supervisor. How can i do that? is possible?  

  • Greetings,

    A) Please provide a bit more context around "i want to find the manager of a supervisor" Examples:

    #1 We want to get the Permission Holder's manager's manager

    #2 We want to get the Permission Owner's manager's manager

    #3 We want to get the Application Owner's manager's manager

    In the above examples one is trying to get the user who is two (2) levels up from a particular starting point.

    B) Are you looking to utilize the Coverage Map in a Review or an Access Request Approval?
    B.1) If in a Review, what kind of Review (Account Review, Account Access Review, or User Access Review)?

    C) What is the exact version of Identity Governance that you are using?

    Steven Williams
    Principal Enterprise Architect
    Micro Focus

  • Hi Steven,

    We are also trying to use coverage maps to get relationship for Account Holder's manager's manager. We are utilizing coverage map for Review (Account Review).

    Just wonder Is it possible to have such relationship defined in the coverage map and what should be the syntax?

    Identity Governance 3.7