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Add changeSet ID to the 'Fulfillment Error' Message for a request on the 'All Pending Requests' page

Status : New Idea

Where a request has a Fulfillment Error, the error message displayed for the request in the 'All Pending Requests' page includes the changeItem id - which is great, as it identifies the unique ID of the individual permission in the request that failed. e.g. Fulfillment Error: Comment: Unexpected error while provisioning changeItem id: 156117. Reason: No fulfillment response received from agent (see attached screenshot of an example, with the changeItem id highlighted in yellow)

However, it would be really really helpful for troubleshooting if the changeSet ID was also included, since this number represents the unique number of the access Request.

Currently, to get this number we have to leverage an Analytics report and cross reference the results using the changeItem ID - which is cumbersome.

Just to be clear, we would still like to see the changeItem ID included in the error message


Noel Desouza


Access Request and Approval
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