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Allow fulfillment verification to be canceled

Jimbot Jimbot
Status : New Idea

I experienced a use-case that I would have thought is rare, but I'm realizing this will happen again in the future.

We had an application in IG that ran a review, there were a few removes and fulfillment items, and the review was approved.   For fulfillment, we send them to ServiceNow as tickets.   In this instance, the ticket was generated, IG had not yet collected from the app to confirm fulfillment, BUT THE APP WAS DECOMMISSIONED.   Whoops.   

So, IG is in a state where it will NEVER validate that fulfillment. We have a fulfillment item that will forever be outstanding.   We'd like to keep the app around for a record of what we've done regarding reviews and artifacts and such, but we don't want that outstanding fulfillment.   It would be awesome if we could cancel or ignore it in that state.