Idea ID: 2872509

Allow reviewer to see details on reviewed items before submitting

Status : New Idea

Add functionality for a reviewer to see details on already reviewed items that are not submitted yet.

After a reviewer clicks on 'Keep' or 'Remove' and enters a comment, the only option they have is to 'Undo' or 'Submit'.  They are not able to see the review details (comment, Account Category selection) they already added.  The 'Undo' option removes the previously entered content/selection.

See screenshot,

A) details added with 'Keep' Action are 'Comments for reviewers and auditors' which we require in this review, and also the Account Category selection, which is optional. 

B) no 'View Activity' option to see entered details, can only 'Undo' or 'Submit'

C) The review owner, on the 'Review Items' tab, is able to 'View Activity', but also does not see the actual comment (it just says 'comment') or Account Category selection (not shown at all).


Access Review and Certification
  • Sorry, not a good day.  Review Owner is able to see both the comment and the Account Category selection.  I grabbed the wrong item.  Here is an updated screenshot showing what the Review Owner (or another reviewer if there are multiple reviewers) can see.  This is what the reviewer should be able to view as well:

  • Correction on item D) - the review owner is able to see the actual comment, but cannot see the selection on the Account Category.