Idea ID: 2872427

Have som basic replacement/value functions in application collectors

Status : New Idea

It would be really nice if one could use a value from the Application settings on an application collector in the collectors LDAP filter or SQL query. 

I'm thinking that for some of our bigger customer we import Application config with a Application Definition 'source - where we can get many (yes many) similar applications. All have their on application ID, admin, owner etc that we use in reviews. Many times those application might have the userbase coming form the same directory (AD or som DB table) and thus we differentiate the permissions and users we're going to import on Application ID  or some other field on the application Source. It would be extremely good to be able to write one collector that we could just import on the application source and be done with it, reading all unique values for the filters/queries from the application source.

Example: (&(objectclass=group)(appID=$$UniqueApplicationID$$)) 

where the $$UniqueApplicationID$$ would on runtime just be replaced with the value on that attribute on the Appplication source.

Basically I think it would be a great idea to have many of those app attributes to choose from (and maybe those should also be reachable from the javascript transformations you can do when collecting data.