Idea ID: 2872652

Option to customize the confirmation statement for the review owner on a review approval

Status : New Idea

We would like to add a specific statement for the review owner to assert to audit requirements for the review, e.g.

"Reviewers have the appropriate competence and authority to perform the review."

"My own access access was approved by my supervisor."


Access Review and Certification
  • For now, I've updated the Review 'Instructions' text with formatting, and added the statement there.  It is now more prominent, so it's a decent workaround.  Still would like a popup or other form or acknowledgement at the time of owner approval.  

    Here's what it looks like now:

  • Yes, we are using the review definition and the review instructions fields.  The review instructions are listed in small print and at the top - and the review definition is only shown after you click on the 'more' link.  These are great for information if a reviewer or review owner are looking for it.  What we need is a popup or check item that has to be acknowledged with the approval.

  • You might add a description to the review definition.  That will be displayed during the review.  You could word it something like, "By Approving this review you agree that --"