Idea ID: 2872653

Option to route review items for Review Owner's own access to Review Owner's supervisor or other appropriate user

Status : New Idea

To automatically send review items for the Review Owner's own access to the Review Owner's supervisor or another appropriate user.

The assigned reviewer is commonly reporting to the Review Owner.  A reviewer should not review/approve their own supervisor's access.  The Review Owner also cannot review/approve their own access.  Any review items where the Review Owner is the user with access should be reviewed/approved by the Review Owner's supervisor, or another appropriate person (These are SOX Audit requirements  tested by our auditors).

Our current workaround is to manually find and assign the review items.

The 'Self review policy' allows for reviewer's own access to be sent to the exception queue (which usually goes to the Review Owner).  Looking for a similar solution to automatically route, but not to the same exception queue.


Access Review and Certification