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Salesforce Driver - Driver stucked after successful login call

Hi guys,

I'm connecting an IDM with a Salesforce account.

After setting the driver configuration, with all the authentication information and the entitlement, I'm able to login with the Salesforce platform, but after receiving a 200 OK and all the session information, the driver shim keeps verifying the server certificate and don't keeps processing the user add.

Probably I'm missing something with the driver configuration? I attached the trace file if it helps.

Thank you,

  • I have not looked at SFDC in a long time.  But I think what is happening is that you actually do 2 different connections.

    First you login:

    [07/10/19 12:47:04.779]:DrvSalesforce - DEV ST: DrvSalesforce: Preparing to POST the following XML to
    [07/10/19 12:47:04.779]:DrvSalesforce - DEV ST: DrvSalesforce: login to
    [07/10/19 12:47:04.779]:DrvSalesforce - DEV ST: DrvSalesforce: Setting up SSL connection.
    [07/10/19 12:47:04.780]:DrvSalesforce - DEV ST: DrvSalesforce: Verifying the certificate..
    [07/10/19 12:47:05.433]:DrvSalesforce - DEV ST: DrvSalesforce: POST completed with 200 OK

    Then the response tells you where to go next (I think):


    So I wonder if the certs used on the two hosts differ.  So I went to the URLs and looked for you.  They are two different certs ( and * but the signing CA's are the same.


    I would consider looking to see if you have server level certs installed in your keystore.  So on the engine server, in /opt/novell/eDirectory/lib64/nds-modules/jre/lib/security/cacerts or it might be a symlink to /opt/netiq/idm/common/jre/lib/security/cacerts or nearby. 

    Compare what you have with your cacerts and the actual certs in use. Specifically the one.