IDM 4.7.3 IDMProv and search portlet discontinued


We've a customer that actually is at IDM 4.7 that makes intensive use of the search portlet under IDMProv. As we've read that the portlets have been discontinued in the last IDM versions, he doesn't want to upgrade until he is sure that there is a replacement for this functionality.

There really is a replacement for it?


Jose Luis

  • I have created a PRD to replace this functionality for my clients. The advanced search is not very easy to replicate, but I was able to make a raw VDX query from the PRD (see my coolsolution: /cyberres/idm/w/identity_mgr_tips/24306/making-vdx-queries-from-workflow-forms) and put together a UI with the needed advanced search functionality based on the limitations of how my particular client needed to use the search. To make it functionally identical to the portlet would have taken more development.

    Recently I did make a custom portlet work from an iFrame inside a PRD, but in that case I had to explode the WAR for the portlet, decompile some code, understand what it expected in the URL parameters, then I could run the portlet. The key is if you can run the portlet standalone but from the same server, if you can put the portlet from the earlier version on the server (even with no way to run it from the UI) and make it run under the latest version, if you can run it straight from a browser, you might be able to expose it in a PRD or a tile. The hard part could be authentication. The portlet I was dealing with had a unique way of handling it that decompiling the source revealed. I was starting to research how to leverage the OSP user context and then how to do a SAML authentication to LDAP but there are not a lot of code examples out there (possibly none) but gave up after seeing what I could do base on the decompile.

  • It is not easy to replicate, as IDMProv was a portal and that functionality has been removed.

    But you could have a look at CX -, Jerry Cumbs has made a video about it:

    And I think someone has talked about it in this community. I have looked at it, but thats it.





  • What were you searching for in the portlet?  You can configure entities in 4.7.2 to allow for searching of any object defined in the DAL.