IDM/eDir "eat" all the memory - IDM 4.7.2


After a upgrade from IDM 4.7.1 SE/ eDir 9.1.2 to IDM 4.7.2 SE / eDir 9.1.3 the xNDS/DHOSTS "Eat" up all the memory 12,5 GB in one week

This memory bug have been there before, is it back?

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  • On 4/9/2019 11:26 AM, mJg2XW wrote:
    > Hi
    > Windows Server 2016

    I had a client where that was happening and then it stopped. No good
    troubleshooting tools.

    One thing we did was use jmap to dump the Java JVM and it was pretty
    small, only 150Megs, when the dhost.exe was at 12GB, so it was not 'IDM'
    at fault.

    You can do this to test. find a JDK of the similar version to the one
    eDir/IDM is using. (cd to the jre/bin for eDir and try java -version
    then get a JDK that matches. Like 1.8 for 1.8. (Exact rev does not seem

    Then get the PID (Process ID) from task manager for DHost.

    Then run
    \path\to\jdk\jre\bin\jmap -dump:format=b,file=c:\temp\eDirDump.hpof
    12345 (where 12345 is the PID number)

    Then look at the size of the dump. It will at least rule out one

    Then look in iMonitor at the Database cache you are set to for eDir on
    that box.

    So if you have a 20GB dib and you are hard allocated (Not dynamic) to
    15GB of cache, and you find eDir using all 15GB, that is not a bug, it
    is normal.

    So add IDM's JVM contribution DIB cache and tell us how that compares
    to total memory usage.

    I have one client who complains when DIB gets to 5GB but he has 512MB
    for JVM heap, and 4GB for DIB cache, so really .5GB is not a lot of
    memory leakage, as opposed to proper usage.

  • I have also this issue with one customer (IDM 4.6.2 on Windows 2012), we restart servers every day.
    At another customer the issue disappeared with eDir patch and IDM 4.6.2 and now still looks ok with IDM 4.7.2
  • Hi

    I'm only having SOAP and AD Driver running on the IDM 4.7.2/eDir 9.1.3

    This memory bug where also in eDir 9.1.1 if I don't remember wrong.

  • mJg2XW <> wrote:

    > I'm only having SOAP and AD Driver running on the IDM 4.7.2/eDir 9.1.3
    > This memory bug where also in eDir 9.1.1 if I don't remember wrong.
    > /Michael

    We had memory leaks on windows 2916 with eDir 9.1.2. Since jumping to 9.1.3
    it seems fine. Suspect it was a mama related leak.

    Also saw memory issues on eDir 9.1.2 on RHEL 7.5. This was not resolved
    last I heard. Suspect it was audit/CEF related. However it became a lot
    less of an issue on a server without any auth activity. So could have also
    been NMAS.

    Long story short. Try 9.1.3.

  • Hi

    All ready running eDir 9.1.3

  • ab;2498111 wrote:

    Restarting windows services once per day doesn't sound that unusual, does
    it? Sorry... I couldn't help it.

    If it was just a restart I could live with it . I had it scheduled but unfortunately it does not help!
    The process need to be killed though task manager! It's strange but otherwhise it does not clear out whatever is the problem.
    Then we can start the service again.
  • joakim_ganse;2498108 wrote:
    We have the same issue at a customer.
    Working with support on it but no resolution yet unfortunately.
    Have to kill and start edirectory every day.

    I'm working on a memory leak bug in eDir, currently have a test system and a test build to test on it. It's a slow leak, probably not something you'd notice unless you were actively hunting for it. Found first in eDir, which Support wouldn' t touch (too old). Reproduced with eDir 9.1.2, but Support didn't want to work with that either, since eDir 9.1.3 had shipped by then. Reproduced with eDir 9.1.3 too.
  • Hi,
    after upgrading to eDirectory 9.1.4 issue is still there even if this patch is supposed to solve memory leak.
    I have the same issue at different sites, with both eDir 9.1.3
  • That is a diffrent memory issue.

    I just found out our issue was Connected to health job.
    When I disabled the health job it disappeared.
    MicroFocus is working on a patch for this and there is a filed bug for it.
  • Did eDir 8.1.4 resolve the subtle merits leak you were seeing with various versions up to 9.1.3? So far it 9.1.4 seems ok for us.
  • David is still working with support on it.  Yet another memory leak it looks like.

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