Send information to IDM through Scripting Driver

Hi all

I'm using an Scripting Driver for multiple uses with powershell, in this particular scenario my script calls another script which makes all the magic and returns a response to the first script to be evaluated and an status is sent back to the driver for IDM to make all of its magic there. For this to happen i'm triggering the logic with a JOB but when the status comes, it only gives me the "Trigger" and "EventID" information and i really need to have like Class Name and the DN of the user being affected.

This is how im setting up the powershell script:

idm_statussuccess $statusMsg
idm_writevalue "CLASS_NAME" $className
idm_writevalue "DEST_DN" $src_dn

Of course i have previously set $className and $src_dn with the information that i need

This is the response i see in my driver log:

<nds dtdversion="2.0">
<product build="201409041500" version="4.5"/>
Here goes the status message

According to the Documentation of the driver i should be able to use the idm_writevalue to send information with the status but i don't seem to make it possible.

Any ideas? 

Thanks in advance 

pd: IDM is 4.7.2