Calling Web Services in Request Form

So I know I have asked this before but it has been a few years and UA
has gone through a number of upgrades since then so maybe the answer has
changed too but has anyone figured out how to call a web service from a
request form and populate fields based on the results? I am
encountering more and more requests for workflows that populate one or
more fields based on results of web service calls to include data from
remote systems not in eDir. For example, one request form is for
requesting access to a target database instance. There is an external
service tracks all of the various database instances across multiple
servers and exposes this data in a web service. This means that if I
want to know all of the Oracle instances I could just call that web
service and pass Oracle as a parameter and get all of the Oracle
instances that should then be used to populate a field on the form for
the user to select. The same for MS SQL and etc.

I've been told before that this should be technically feasible but I've
never been able to find any documentation, sample code or anything that
has helped me to make it work so any help or info would be greatly
appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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