Email icons on orgchard card.

Does anyone has an idea how you can configure the email functions "send email to team" or "send info by email" in the orgchard card. Can you disable these functions. Where are the mail templates used in these functions? Can I add my own fonctions?

  • Hi,

    The content of   "Email Info": "Info per Email senden"  is coming from the localization files not email templates,

    Look inside this one for German...
      "Hi,": "Hallo,",
      "Identity information about": "Identitätsinformationen zu",
      "Please click on the following link to get a detailed profile about": "Über folgenden Link erhalten Sie ein ausführliches Profil zu",
      "Regards,": "Mit freundlichen Grüßen",

    You probably noticed there is a typo in the second and third one, should contain at least space in the end.

    About hiding all of them from UI, CSS tricks could do, if they could be hidden completely. Might be possbile to hide only ones you want..

    i#email-but {
    display: none !important;

    div#orgchart-email-menu {
    display: none !important;

    No idea about own functions, could be found if looked inside angular? code, most probably not supported ..


  • Hi Tami

    perfect analysis. The typos where one of my issues. I now corrected them.

    But the other issue is, the mail just uses the first two attributes from the card view definition.

    This makes absolutely no sense:

    We do not send information about an organizational structure but about a user. So a fullname, surname, givenname or loginID would make sense.

    Any idea how to modify this?

    Then I still do not understand the clew about "Email Team". I have a manger with 6 directReports:

    If I click "Email Team" an empty mail opens