AzureAD Driver - Enable support for TLS 1.2 in your environment for Azure AD TLS 1.1


There is upcoming change  from Microsoft is coming about AzureAD TLS 1.2

it says:
Make sure that applications and PowerShell (that use Microsoft Graph) and Azure AD PowerShell scripts are hosted and run on a platform that supports TLS 1.2.

We are using netiq azure ad driver with powershell turned off. 

1. NetIQ Azure AD driver, does it uses  Microsoft Graph or AzureAD Graph?

2. Does this shim supports TLS 1.2?

I know for the fact, this driver is heavily dependent on REST driver shim which is again using some java external libs for REST (httpClient), 

so just wanted to make sure, this change wont break anything?



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  • Also, note one needs to be using Exchange Online Management 2.0.4 or higher to ensure that it no longer tries to authenticate via an ADAL endpoint (which is also deprecated by Microsoft).

    Earlier versions of this PowerShell module hardcoded references to for auth. A domain which is long since deprecated and was aliased to

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