UserApplication - PRD - Escalation issue

Environment -  UserApplication

I am looking for some explanation/hints on this what each of these are telling me.  In particular, if I am reading it correctly, it appears that when a PRD is generated, that it will not escalation unless 5 days have passed without the PRD being fulfilled.  Is that correct?

Our issue is that we are seeing a PRD escalation the next day to the next in-line (manager)

  • My problem is that the PRD is going to the user and then being escalated to the manager after just 1 day. Anyone else experience this?

  • This works as designed. You get first escalation exactly one day after the tasks is sent out (this is the "excation interval"). This will be done 5 times ("count") every consecutive day (because of interval...). At the same time should start the reminders, which are also set to one day. And the escalation reminders one day after the first escalation, also with 24 hours period.

    Timeout of 5 days means that after that time the task will close and workflow will go via 'timeout' path if any was added in the prd graph.

    I bet you have changed the values to differ from each other and fixed this to whatever you really need by now.