Download driver from new website

Hi All

     I had tested a driver for sentinel I download "Identity Tracking solution" from

But now the old website has been removed. I request a IDM advanced partner license and check download list from

I could not find the "Identity Tracking Solution" item and not find like sentinel driver could been download.

Who know how to download these files ??


  • The place it would be is alas. 

    The sorting of patches that predated the migration is pretty poorly done. Basically like they were all dumped in, without much categorization.  Or put another way, the categories in use previously seem to have been barely used.

    That of course, is if your licensed software info is correct in SLD. 

    I found the Sentinel driver under IDM Advanced Edition, then 4.6 version.  I had to nag to get those added to my account so you may not have them,

    I no longer can link to them eitehr, so that is not helpful. 

  • Hi!

    Identity Tracking is not requestable on the partner pages, nor is it available in SLD under IDM Advanced.

    I suspect they have forgotten to publish it, and suggest you contact your partner representative :)


    Tor Harald Lothe