Issue Google Apps Driver set destination attribue IsSuspended


I experienced an issue regarding the Google Apps driver. I need to activate and deactivate users in Google Apps Directory from IDM so I have a rule where I basically set destination attribute IsSuspended to true or false. Here there is the input document:

The problem is that in the Google Apps directory the user is deactivated and immediately reactivated. We know that because there is and audit log in Google that shows that the user is deactivated at timestamp dd/MM/yyyy hh:mm:ss and activated, after that, at same timestamp.

If I check the operation returned by Google in the driver log I don't see any error nor a different behaviour from other operations I may run on that driver. That's the response, you can see that I receive the DirectoryAppClient.suspenduser() but any DirectoryAppClient.restoreuser(), thus I don't understand why it is reactivated in Google domain:

That also happens in the other way: an inactive user which is reactivated became active and immediately inactive again.

Has anyone experienced something similar or does anyone have any idea on what may that be caused by?


PD: Driver version is

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    I have also seen this with the Google Driver. The driver trace shows only a single change to the IsSuspended attribute, while Google shows the value being changed and then changed back immediately afterwards.

    I have added code to a Google driver to check what the current value of this attribute is and then allowed the change to proceed if not the same or remove that attribute change from the modify document, if the value is already set correctly. This improved my results in most cases, though was not 100% when there were many changes sent to Google.

    I recommend you update your driver to the most recent version (4.2.2) as there were changes made in the driver shim to better handle updates to Google. I have not done any recent checks on validations, but between the extra code and the updated driver I have not been made aware of any problems with this attribute.