IDM Validator 2.0 Released

Woo Hoo!  A new version of Validator.

To be fair, the vast majority of changes are UI, and underlying frameworks. Which is good. And mixed.  I like some of the new UI, and some I do not.

But the underlying framework is updated which should make it better and more upgradeable.

I hear that the license is now included with IDM licenses (I do not know yet, which versions) so no more seperate license, available to all IDM customers (Unless I am wrong).  This is great news.

I do have two big warnings:

1) ALWAYS save. The old Validator was pretty good about auto-saving.  This one is NOT good at all.  Always save.  Even if it looks like it should work, if you don't save it won't.  Whatever, always Save.

2) Generic Actions: Set Variables - the UI is goofy and I think not quite correct.  In the variable name, type the name of the variable. Do not use the selector that pops up, since that writes it as ${VAR-NAME} which is then replaced when run with VALUE of VAR-NAME as the variable name.  The selector is completely confusiing.  Just type.  (Or edit and remove the $ the { and the } ) This is the complete opposite of 1.x where you had to select, could not type,, so do not get confused.  I was for quite a while.