request for information on Validator2.0

Hello everyone,

Hello  ,

In Validator 1.5, test actions get an automatically generated description based on the selected connection and the selected action. E.g. when you create a test action with "Connection" set to "eDir Connector" and "Action" set to "Delete Objects", the "Description" is automatically set to "Delete Objects in New eDir Connector". Note that automatically generated descriptions are not stored in the underlying json test file. Validator 1.5 only seems to store the action description in the json file if the description is different from the automatically generated description. All in all, this works as desired in Validator 1.5.

In Validator 2.0 this works differently, leading to two issues:

1) In Validator 2.0, newly generated actions get an automatically generated description based only on the action. In a test that combines actions from multiple connectors, the automatically generated action description does not sufficiently describe the action. This was better in Validator 1.5, where the connector was included in the automatically generated action description.

2) When opening a Validator 1.5 test file in Validator 2.0, all actions for which Validator 1.5 shows an automatically generated description have an empty description in Validator 2.0. So when Validator 2.0 opens an existing test file, it does not fall back to an automatically generated action description when the action description in the test file is empty. In validator-1.5 i can see a test file with automatically generated action descriptions (only the first action's description is not auto-generated). I can see how the same test file is rendered in Validator 2.0, i.e. the action descriptions are empty, except the first one.

Are these two issues working as designed, or are these defects?